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The Core Program: Getting started with WETT

The WETT system consists of several courses recognizing the various types of work done by wood-energy professionals. Certification is achieved by completing courses to earn educational credits and submitting a declaration of experience within the industry. At your first course, a technical reference manual is given to you. Even after you've completed the Code Compliance course, you will find that the manual is a very useful resource.

Please review the path to certification before registering. To register for any WETT course, simply fill out the online registration form. Submit in your completed registration form and payment to reserve your place in the course. Plan to respond promptly since there is a course maximum of 25 participants.

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Continuing Education

Why continuing education?
Continuing education is an aspect of the WETT certification process that responds to changes in regulations, market conditions and technological change. Continuing education provides you with the opportunity to refine your skills and knowledge of residential wood-energy technology and ensures that you have the training necessary to continue providing valued, qualified service to your customers.

Continuing education requirements
Five years after certification is awarded and every five years thereafter, each certificate holder must earn a minimum of one continuing education (CE) credit in order to remain eligible for certification renewal. This may include mandatory refresher courses if deemed necessary.

Acceptable courses
Successful completion of any one-day WETT course earns the certificate holder one CE credit. In the case of the successful completion of a two-day WETT course, two CE credits are awarded. The certificate holder still has to take at least one WETT course every five years to maintain certification. Fortunately, WETT has developed great new continuing education courses that you’ll want to take advantage of as soon as possible.


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