Code Compliance

Intended for:
All participants in the WETT training system     

Three full working days plus evening study

There are no strict entry requirements for this course, although six month of field experience is recommended.


  • To introduce participants to solid-fuel technology and regulations
  • To support, confirm and enhance knowledge gained through on-the-job experience

The course provides an overview of wood heating technology and the regulations that govern safe installation. WETT encourages members of the wood-energy trade, and municipal, insurance and private home inspectors to take the course together so that all participants learn about the roles and work objectives of other sectors.


Day/Module One
Wood-burning Appliances provides an overview of solid-fuel regulatory structure and regulations and a thorough review of the range of solid-fuel-burning appliances that are commonly used in Canada, including some information on uses, relevant regulations and installation and inspection issues specific to each type. 

Day/Module Two
Shielding and Clearances covers the details of safe appliance installation, including clearances, shielding systems and flue pipe installations. Participants work through a case study to practise applying the regulations.

Day/Module Three
Chimneys and Venting covers the basics of venting theory, a review of chimney types and details on masonry and factory-built chimneys, chimney liners, relining for fireplace inserts and pellet-appliance venting.

Completion of the course permits entry to the Wood-Burning Systems Course.

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  • Course code: CC
  • Price: $795 (+tax)

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