SITE Inspection

Intended for:
All participants in the WETT training system.
Length: Two full working days plus evening study plus an online pre-courseYou must complete the pre-course at least one week prior to the course start date in order to be allowed to attend part 2 of the course (the live course).

Prior to attending the course participants will need to:
  • Review the new chapter 14 of the WETT Reference Manual
  • Review NBC 9:21 (found in the WETT Reference Manual, chapter 4, section 4).
  • Review NBC 9:22 (found in the WETT Reference Manual, chapter 9, section 9).
  • Review B365-17
  • Bring both your WETT Reference Manual and B365-17 with you to class

Completion of Code Compliance and Wood-burning Systems courses. Eighty (80) weeks of industry experience is recommended.

Objectives for Part 1: the pre-course:

By the end of the pre-course, students should:

  • be able to define what a WETT inspection is and the importance of properly undertaking and documenting a WETT Inspection,
  • be able to identify who the clients are and effectively communicate with them,
  • understand WETT’s certification process,
  • understand the types of inspections, their scope and who is qualified to undertake them,
  • understand some of the ethical and legal issues related to undertaking inspections,
  • understand the format of the WETT inspection forms,
  • understand key terms used in the inspection process,
  • understand how to identify and respond to issues like “grey areas” and “red flags,” and
  • be able to identify further resources for undertaking WETT inspections.

Objectives for Part 2: the in-class course:

By the end of the course, students should:

  • deepen their understanding of material covered in the pre-course and be able to use that in specific inspections scenarios.
  • understand the role of codes in the inspection process.
  • be able to fill out inspection forms specific to the various inspection scenarios.
  • be able to identify and use the resources available to trouble shoot problems WETT inspectors face in the process of undertaking inspections.
  • be able to identify red flags

To create more uniformity in inspection activities and reporting. Included in this course are five case studies. Guided by expert instructors, you will be asked to work through scenarios, mimicking an inspection, the process of documenting the inspection through the WETT inspection forms and addressing common challenges. Through actively doing these inspections, you will both gain new knowledge and learn how to apply it.


  • Types of inspections and documentation
  • Homeowner communication
  • WETT inspection forms and reporting
  • Case studies

Those already WETT certified: Successful completion of the full course (70% on the examination) results in a continuing education (CE) credit with a five-year extension.

Inspectors: Successful completion of the full course (70% on the examination), when combined with the necessary 80 weeks of field inspection experience (including at least 30 inspections of wood-burning appliances) and a letter of reference, results in WETT certification SITE Basic Inspection.

Salespeople and Installers: Successful completion of the full course (70% on the examination), when combined with the necessary 80 weeks of industry experience (including at least 30 installations of wood-burning appliances for technicians) and a letter of reference, results in WETT certification SITE Basic Inspection, Technician and/or System Advisor.

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  • Course code: SI
  • Price:
  • Full course =$575 (+ tax)
  • Pre-course =$100 (+ tax)
  • In-class course = $475 (+ tax)

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