Central Heating Systems

Intended for:
Installers, salespeople and chimney sweeps     

One full working day.

You must already be WETT certified as a technician. Fourty (40) weeks of experience installing central heating systems is recommended and is required to achieve certification following this course.


  • To introduce participants to the knowledge and skills required for the design and installation of solid-fuel central systems and to the regulations that apply to central systems.
  • To support, enhance and confirm knowledge acquired in field work.

The course provides the opportunity, in the form of a case study, to explore in detail the installation of an add-on wood furnace.


  • A case study on the installation of an add-on wood furnace.
  • Regulatory issues pertaining to central heating systems using solid fuels.
  • Review of central heating systems terminology.
  • Solid-fuel boilers.
  • Trouble-shooting central systems.


  • Successful completion of this course (70% on the examination) provides one continuing education credit, fulfilling the mandatory WETT continuing education requirement. OR
  • Successful completion of this course (70% on the examination), when combined with the necessary 40 weeks of experience in the installation of central heating systems, results in WETT certification Central Systems Technician.

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